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No One Will Miss You

December 7, 2014
By Lily-Flower14 GOLD, Keighly, UK, Other
Lily-Flower14 GOLD, Keighly, UK, Other
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I can’t stand this pain
You’re screaming that I’ve gone insane
You’re all wrong about me
You don’t understand that I could never be
There’s a silent screaming in my soul
And in my heart there is a hole
My twisted mind is burning out
And my sickened soul just wants to shout
I see the moving shapes that are hidden from you
I watch the demonic shadows that are slowly killing you
My bones are shattered
Nothing here has ever mattered
Twisting and writhing and screaming in pain
The shadow master, driving you insane
Do you remember the days you cared about me?
Do you recall how I told you to leave me be?
The darkness is consuming your soul
Where your heart once was, there is a hole
Your shrieking sorrows are burning out
And all you ever do is shout
I send out my demons to burn you
I send the creatures out to hurt you
Your sickening dreams will soon be shattered
And your very being will never have mattered
Why can’t these people understand my pain?
Why can’t they understand I’m not insane?
Please try to understand that this is me
And that this is who I want to be
I laugh because I have no soul
I’m happy, though deep inside me, there is still a hole
I need to let all of this out
But if I do, I’ll just shout and shout
If you keep doing this to me, I swear I’ll kill you
And if I change this world, I’ll make sure no one will miss you

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