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Hidden Shadow

November 27, 2014
By BeautyWhispers PLATINUM, Nevada City, California
BeautyWhispers PLATINUM, Nevada City, California
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I know there is an emotion for every act, kindness, boldness, and love.

But sometimes there miss treated and turned upside down.
Someone's out there that seems far away, and when you try to reach them you fail.
Do they know what your feeling? Do they know you fail?
Even when you think they do they end up pulling away... Far away.
I wish for once that person would look at you for who you really are, not for what they see on your shell. 
I wish they'd look at you in a different way.
Far away I see that persons shadow, playing across the cement path.
While all else seems to go so evenly, so normally.
All you ever really needed was what wasn't there.
When you whisper " help " it's never there.
When you try to reach its gone.
Then when you think it's there, it vanishes and what was once there is lost.
I miss those days before the end.
The ones we used to play as friends, but now some other shadow has moved in and I'm trying to find a way back out.
But which shadow holds the truth? I'm stuck and want to be tugged back out.
One shadow claims my hand the other holds my heart.
I want to find a landing for my plane, but I'm not a pilot.
The shadow at the other end is gone and all is dark.
I whisper " help " one last time, and hope it hears my call.
In hidden words whispered on a invisible breeze.
On windy sails they fly...I'm calling out and I need you to hear my cry.

- To A Hidden Shadow

The author's comments:

Him I really don't know why I wrote this one...I just thought maybe some of you could relate. ;)

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