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No End

November 20, 2014
By Roseate PLATINUM, San Ramon, California
Roseate PLATINUM, San Ramon, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is too short to be anything but happy."

[The laughter of the people inside

is a sentence with no period;

semicolons of amusement keep the merriment going,

and conjunctions of friends heighten the warm atmosphere]

that (I) cannot penetrate and can only

peer into from my

(secluded jail).


(I'm invisible.)

No one boths to invite (me)

because they already know

(I can't come).


(Left out.)



Just like any other day.


Other people's joy is continued

with a semicolon;

it lets them pause and breathe.

But my loneliness extends with a dash--

no conclusion because

there's no end

to the isolation

The author's comments:

Another poem inspired my e.e. cummings' creative work with punctuation.

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