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There's Always That One Girl

November 5, 2014
By Sarelle PLATINUM, Winslow, Maine
Sarelle PLATINUM, Winslow, Maine
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Dream like you will live forever,
Live like you will die tomorrow.

There's always that one girl

Who looks down at the ground.

Who you might even think is mute

Because she never speaks a sound.

So quiet, So shy,

You'd think she never cries.

But don't you think 

That's not how she gets to sleep,

You never know if she waits for home

To ever make a peep.

You might think she's a geeky loser,

But you don't know what goes on insider her.


There's always that one girl

Who wears biker boots and leather jackets.

She's never quiet,

And always makes a racket.

But if you look closer at her heart,

There's a place her bad-natured attitude starts.

She underestamates herself,

Acts like she's an object on a shelf.

But know her story

Before you become snide.

Because you don't know

What's really inside.


I guess what I'm trying to say,

Is never underestamate.

There is a reason for them to act this way.

So don't you ever judge a girl 

Before you truly know her,

Because if you do,

It quite possibly could kill her.

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