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November 6, 2014
By Tarah18 PLATINUM, Brockton, Massachusetts
Tarah18 PLATINUM, Brockton, Massachusetts
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You play a soft and soothing


When my strings are present to the public eye

But I know

Those sweet notes are just for show

For when the doors are closed

You play a sourer note

You bash the guitar

A bruise

A bruise

You strum so hard

You win

I lose

You pluck until your fingers bleed

You bite

You damage

To fill your need

I watch you play nothing

But love songs all day

But this is not love.

It's not love, I'm afraid

You kick and punch until my strings snap

I watch as you tip another bottle back

So beautiful and precious

As you were once too

But I was beaten and broken

Now I play only the blues

The author's comments:

This is just a little poem I conjured up in my head, it doesn't relate to or have to do with me in any shape or form. Just something to think about. I think this poem could be a conversation starter maybe. 

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