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Now A Hollow Doll

November 4, 2014
By Artemis.Roe PLATINUM, Marysville, Michigan
Artemis.Roe PLATINUM, Marysville, Michigan
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There she sits,
hollow eyes,
pale lips,
limp limbs,
and yet,
she looked like a doll,
dressed up pretty,
hair fluffed just right,
pearls position,
oh so meticulously,
but the shining blue eyes,
They’re painted over,
dull gray color,
and lifeless looking now,
they reflect the sullen surface of the sky,
her cheeks painted rosy red,
now had streaks cutting through them,
her perfectly pristine nails,
now chewed and chipped,
everything went wrong,
now she sits,
with hollow eyes,
and stares into nothingness,
dreaming of what could've been.

The author's comments:

A Doll represents the hollowness of heartbreak when you lose someone, tears and pain, painted face, dressing up pretty for the one you love just to lose them...

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