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October 30, 2014
By Daizalove GOLD, Browns Summit, North Carolina
Daizalove GOLD, Browns Summit, North Carolina
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I swat at your words before they can touch me.                                                                                 Things like “you’re beautiful” “you’re cute” I don’t need,                                                           because once I’m capture I’ll never be free                                                                                             of this soul gripping curse you injected into me 

Beaten in me like a stick and a drum.                                                                                                           I realize that I can’t hide, but I can run.                                                                                                   The hearts of most are given to the hearts of some.                                                                            Love is not a game, but I’m the pun.    
Romance is in my book, but I skipped that chapter,                                                                                so I pretend to know it like a professional actor.                                                                                   I’m haunted every night by the sound of your laughter.                                                                           I might not be in a cage, but inside I am captured
Out of everyone it’s you, it had to be you.                                                                                                 You’re my favorite cookie, but I’m reluctant to chew.                                                                       With you on my mind how will I get through,                                                                                because you might love me, but I know I love you?

The author's comments:

I hate first loves because they hit you the hardest.

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