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WWII London, England Bombing Epitaph (fictional)

October 19, 2014
By Cypris BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
Cypris BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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Clarise Jordan Waltz
My darling Robby, of 28
Up and gone with the army five months straight
I had no connection to others-
I was but a disconnected phone cord.
I dread the tread home to my cramped apartment
My Darling
Four month old’s hair of tinted gold in the low sun set.
Jobs weren't difficult to obtain,
Not unless you've no one you know to mind your
Darling Little Lydia.
My feet ached
My back ached
My stomach ached
My heart ached
No answer to the question of~
How do I provide for
My Darling Little Lydia?
Which scream shrilled louder
the sudden splitting sirens or my babe
I know not
No time to reach home
I dash madly for the subway
No time to duck in
I am shoved out of the way
No time to miss the merciless post office…
We are crushed in an alley way,
I and
My Darling Little Lydia
Upon next sunrise beneath bloody letters from Robby,
In the rubble and ash
We two are singed and smell of smoke
The response team is too late coming to the rescue
My arms couldn’t provide my daughter safety.
Time is precious
Time is darling
Time is yet an enemy
Use it wisely before it’s
Slipped away into infinity

The author's comments:

English assignment in school, that I thought I'd apply my favorite time in history to.

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