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Veil of Shade MAG

October 19, 2014
By BlueFox BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
BlueFox BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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She curled inside herself
And from there
her lips were stitched together but her eyes
pierced the semblance
and they saw from afar
and her eyes held worlds

Below there
was fire
and teeth
but she did not even dangle before it
but shifted away
as it pushed her away
and above it

She moved over like clouds
swelling, distending layers
curling inside itself
slowly and
They did not look up
For clouds are silent
For they had consumed themselves
It was soft, quiet rain
draping over like silk sheets
And it was cold
And They with the fire and the teeth fled
but when They had vanished
They did not see
The dark green life, breathing
where it had been
and mended
A veil of shade
cloaked the
face of the ground
They walked upon
But the darkness had cleansed it
Between the rain
there was silence
but it was deafening
And brimmed with the
spectrum within it
And the dark green swayed
And though They shied from it
in the end They
may or may not have
seen it all

The author's comments:

This began, as most things do, as a petty assignment--"a metaphor for yourself compared to something in nature". Most of the students chose a tree, as that was the original assignment, but I hoped to transcend things...

I suppose this is a vision of my occasional isolation in a way from the society around me--I am detached from it, pushed away, hovering like a storm above, while "they with the fire and teeth": the other people, the chaos, the torrent around me, exists in a place I remain away and silent from, and while they remain in their own realm, perhaps, I, like the rain, come in silently and coldly behind and fix things that have been the rain and the storm gives life...

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