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October 2, 2014
By AbbeyW SILVER, Browns Summit, North Carolina
AbbeyW SILVER, Browns Summit, North Carolina
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"As a writer you have to ask yourself to dream while awake." -Aimee Bender

Build your home on rock
they said
Build your home on rock
and build that castle high

so when the wind kicks
and six knocks hit the door
fortresses remain

and the windows are boarded
flesh intertwined

They never said
that rocks split
and temptation abides
that the grit of freeze
could be so abominable

And six knocks
are on high hooves
that nothing reigns over the assuaging
of pain

That my thoughts
are merely just cassettes
with his glory on replay

And that caution tape
breaks away
with hint of resolution

Our fortress on the rocks
falls harder than the sand

That rainstorms
could make us so malleable
or that apathy
binds you to the pain

or that romance
was just a serpent
that cheap wine
could be our desolation

And that rock withers
with just 6 knocks

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