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Solemn Prayer

October 2, 2014
By AbbeyW SILVER, Browns Summit, North Carolina
AbbeyW SILVER, Browns Summit, North Carolina
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"As a writer you have to ask yourself to dream while awake." -Aimee Bender

Now I lay me down to sleep

Now I tumble and I scrape

Now I chipper out the pieces

and sell out the rest


Here I lay in incomplete

and utter frustration

of what was meant to be

scarred body, mind and spirit


Here I fall from resurrection

and into the depths of the untold

Flailing limp to lifeless


Here I melt from the mold

I am disowned

so call me your vile names

as I throw it all away


Incomprehensible, eluded

A no longer definition of what was yours

The facetious has become disputable

My soul, irreconcilable


Now I lay me down to sleep

Broken lines where eyes meet

A shaking banter


And what I call my solemn

the facetious kept under locked doors

You couldn't know

My damage tucked away

misgivings, illuminated

So I run my steam

And a trickle down my lip

outline my scars

of veins run dry


The pressing stone,

the contorted

the first one thrown


Tell my beloved

It could've been with him

In glorious abyss

if it wasn't

For the power of red music


And I'll tell him not to look

they were already cast

For the black lace is the devil

and we are just far fetched


As vultures search

My spring run dry


Cloud his eyes

Now lay him down to sleep

I pray the Lord his soul to keep

that if I die,

before he wake

I pray the Lord my knife to take

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