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Abused Girls

October 2, 2014
By Artemis.Roe PLATINUM, Marysville, Michigan
Artemis.Roe PLATINUM, Marysville, Michigan
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Little Susan’s got a black eye
Little Maggie is covered in bruises.
Little Marie cries in the night,
And mother dearest hushes her whimpering,
three whacks,
then she’s gone.
Little Marie would stay silent,
until the next night.
Covered in marks,
covered in bruises,
The girls told no one,
not a single soul,
Little Marie,
as the youngest,
went first,
Maggie and Susan cried,
mother dearest,
just whipped them and shook them.
Next to go was Little Maggie,
her screams echoed through Susan’s mind,
but not for long,
Next, and finally,
was little Susan,
half blind,
half deaf,
from the beating her mother inflicted.
No one knew,
until it was too late.
but at last the girls were far from their Mother daerest,
safe from harm,
beyond this world.

The author's comments:

This is about 3 little girls, Susan being the oldest, Marie being the youngest, its about child abuse, and the sad truth of it.

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