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It's not easy

September 22, 2014
By theanonreader GOLD, Pensacola, Florida
theanonreader GOLD, Pensacola, Florida
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you can tell a lot about a person by the books he reads

So I’m an egg head huh? I’m better than you because I’m smart?
“Nothing to it huh? Well if it’s so easy why don’t you give it a try? Oh you can’t? I’m sorry that I made it look sooooo easy. I mean I could say your dad looks easy but it’s not like I’m going to try and do him. “
“Dude, just calm down, like I said I ain’t meanin’ no harm just that….”
“What? Just that you envy the fact that I know the difference between their, there, and they’re? I’m sorry that we can’t all be stupid like you.”
There was a look of genuine hurt in your eyes, and I wanted to make things right but I was so angry at you, I wanted to hurt you like you hurt me…..
“You just think you better than the rest of us?” you said in front of our peers. “You want all of us to be ‘smart’ so that you can actually talk to us?”
“Well you’re the freak, ‘cause you ain’t like us and we’re lager than you are, so go away cause we don’t like you!”
I had run away from it all
From them
From you
The pain in my chest was too great.
I never asked to be “smart”
I don’t cheat
I just study.
I did it for us.
Because I had such great love for you I did the best I could
So you could have someone to proudly call your girlfriend
But you took it too far.
You chose them over me
An now you want me to see that you were just trying to survive
Because I’m an egg-head and was a danger to your status
Well now I’m trying to survive, because being with you is one of the most painful things I’ve had to endure.
I’m glad that our time is over……

The author's comments:

this, as is many of my works, is just something that popped into my head at random. it is inspired though by people being upset at you for doing well in work/school/life and try to bring you down.

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