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Serving the Nation

September 20, 2014
By chezbona SILVER, Accra, Other
chezbona SILVER, Accra, Other
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A loyal servant,I am
Driving the states most important man
a driver and a president,
who does much in serving the nation..
I drive to the parliament residence,
also to the Jubilee house,
Same to the meetings and mostly to the restaurants.
He gets down from the car
"Thirty more nutes Walter"he would always say
When actually deciphered meant "90"
At his table
He takes fried chicken and sauce to start with four bottles of beer to melt them down.
Potato chips for talks
With spiced pepperoni pizza
And finally coffee to keep wake.
As he walks into the car,
his stomach makes funny noises
Probably because of a mixed unplanned diet ,I guessed
"Have you had anything to eat" he asked me
" no sire" I had replied with expectations
"Me too"he said
His words hit me so hard my hunger became worse.
Two loyal citizens serving a nation
With the same problem of different causes
Mine is of ulcers and empty "needs to be fed stomach"and his is of mixed belly-filled stocked barn yard.
Two loyal citizens serving a naton
In different ways for one goal
Who includes much effort???????
Coffee to keep wake and

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