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I Want to Live

September 12, 2014
By hood3243 PLATINUM, Camas, Washington
hood3243 PLATINUM, Camas, Washington
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I want to live.

I want to fly.

I want to curse the sun, moon and sky.

I can die, but I will try.

Oh to reach that sky.


I want to live.

I need to go and

see the impossible

believe the lies but

not the hurt.


I want to live.

Tear down the walls,

remove the mask,

and breathe.


I want to live.

Is the air better?

Or did hairspray poison us all?

These walls compress my spirit.

I sweat condensed oxygen.


I want to live.

Let me live.

I have the ammunition to

beat the game (Oh I know pain).


I've seen nothing

but tubing and fake smiles.

I've heard nothing I was supposed to.

Loud whispers in halls

tell the truth.

beeb beeb beeb. 

My time has come,

just let me live.

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