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September 10, 2014
By manda_the_random_poet PLATINUM, Elfrida, Arizona
manda_the_random_poet PLATINUM, Elfrida, Arizona
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A single traumatic event,
makes all hope diminish.
The people you see daily,
now a threat in your mind.
Every unprecedented movement
sends your mind into a flurry.
One simple glance in the wrong direction,
can change your fate forever.
A misinterpreted look,
makes you their favorite new target.
A cannablistic darkness,
lingers in their eyes.
The cold darkness takes control,
takes you to your knees.
You feel your vocal cords,
wrenched from your throat.
Your eyes struggle to shut,
yet your tears pry them open.
The cold asphalt beneath you,
tears into your trembling flesh.
Your knees shake,
as they pry apart your legs.
As your hands try to escape,
the leather binds tighten.
Your head starts to throb,
as panic sets in.
You try and let out a cry,
but all you manage is a whipser.
You plead with them,
but they inisist you asked for it.
You wriggle free of restraint,
but your punished with a sequence of blows.
A deep groan accompanies a final thrust,
and you lay there in your tattered clothes.
Your tense muscles try and relax,
as you watch the figure disappear.
He slinks against a wall,
as the shadows engulf him.
Mascara drips down your cheeks,
bitter as it reaches your lips.
You lay there knowing you should leave,
but your will to live has faded.
Repulsion eats at your thoughts,
weaving its web of lies.
You begin to believe,
that it was all your fault.
You overanalyze every motion,
maybe you did ask for it.
The questions never stop,
you won't quite sleep the same.
Perplexing how one thing,
changes everything forever.

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