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And so...

July 6, 2014
By EllyApolloRose GOLD, Washington, Pennsylvania
EllyApolloRose GOLD, Washington, Pennsylvania
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"When you’re alone, you can make any choice you want. But when someone loves you, you lose that right."
-Alice Paul in Iron Jawed Angels

And please don't hate me for worrying
And because this is a horrible place
And this place will do this to anybody
And pharmacys get robbed at gunpoint here
And people get shot while getting their groceries here
And children die while looking for the comfort of their mother
And never has anyone had a good life when they stay here
And that is not what I hope for you
And so I hope you can escape
And I mean to a different place
And not the way you want to
And not the way you've been trying
And I am selfish
And because I'm putting my happiness before yours
And because I don't want you to die
And if you do I will cry
And if you do I will miss you
And if you do we all will miss you
And so please don't leave this place like that
And I'm sure there's a better way
And I'm sure there's a better place
And I'm certain it's not death
And I've been thinking about death too much
And it's making me more and more depressed
And I think all it is is endless nothing
And no emotions
And no feeling
And we'd feel things though
And if you leave in that way we'll miss you too much
And people might follow in your footsteps
And that's not a good thing
And I don't know what to tell you
And I have no advice to give you
And I don't know how to stop you
And so I'm gonna text you everyday
And only to make sure that you're alive
And not to make sure that you're okay
And because I know you're not okay
And because no one is okay
And we're all just biding our time
And we're all just faking
And so day after day after day
We all just put on our pretend faces
And fake a smile
And our only hope is that we stay ALIVE.
But for what?

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