Maps, Reflections, and Questions (11:22 pm)

Have you ever sat down with a globe, stood in front of one of those maps that hang on the wall in grade school classrooms; ever spent some time just taking in how big everything is and how small you really are? Because I have; I've thought about this and oh god, think about it, love. Think. Someone just died, someone was just born, was diagnosed, lost their virginity, graduated, left home for the first time, and oh my god, if you just stopped to think that that could be you, that could be you, that could be you, and love, trust me, I think a lot, but if you knew how long it took me to realize that there are people to love and music to listen to and places to see; if you knew how long it took me to realize that my dreams are bigger than the town I'm in, you'd be appalled. So why are you still sad, why am I still restless, why are we still waiting and what the hell are we waiting for? And right now, I recognize that god, I could be running the stars with the future in my eyes, but the only reflection I see is the map in front of me and even then, the more I see, the more I ask: is this all there is?

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