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June 16, 2014
By KingFoe SILVER, Morristown, New Jersey
KingFoe SILVER, Morristown, New Jersey
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I don’t know if there is someone looking at us from above
I don’t know if the person besides me
Is even real or a figment of my imagination
I don’t know if I’m just a figment of an imagination
I don’t even know if the slight pain of me leaning back against the hard metal armrests of my chair
Is real

Better yet though
I don’t care
I’m here in the now
Even if I’m not
Even if I never was
Or if I’m just an imprint of something
Like when a star explodes but we can see it like it didn’t
Like it’s still there

Maybe our sun is dead
Maybe it exploded its scorching hot, horribly wonderful fire
We could all be dead

But who cares
I don’t get why people
Waste their time thinking
About what we could be or how we could be seeing everything wrong
We’re here in the now
Even if we were there in the past
And what we do
Will affect us
Even if none of it is how it seems
If none of it is real

None of that matters
No matter how real or fake
No matter what
Seems very real
Sometimes too much
To all of us
Pondering whether or not
You exist
I exist
Is a waste
Sometimes even wondering if a god is real
Is a waste

Love the life you have
At least seem to have
If we’re not living in reality
And that bothers you
Then use your life to make an impact
Maybe it won’t do anything
Or maybe it will punch a wall through the fabric
of what we perceive

The author's comments:
My financial literacy teacher, for some reason or another, started talking about psychology and such and how we could all not be really real. So this was a little inspired by that, but some other stuff helped me think of it.

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