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Hurt by those close

May 29, 2014
By C.neisha BRONZE, Shaw, Mississippi
C.neisha BRONZE, Shaw, Mississippi
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In bed I lay
Washing my pain away
With tears I shed
For my pain, there’s no med
You've hurt me
Enclosed me in a room
Or hit me with a broom
Pulled my hair
And filled my heart with despair
Tore my skin with sticks
Yet I remained solid as bricks
Cursed and pushed me
To the ground painfully
And walked away
Sobbing in the grass I lay
Afraid and shaken
My heart was broken
By those I trusted most
“For you, we’ve done this and that,” you boast
It all means so little to me
Considering how you tortured me unjustly
Condoning each other’s behavior
While I silently prayed for a savior
My prayers weren’t answered
Yet, I continuously chanted
Praying and hoping
For my pain’s ending
“Sorry” you said
Yet my wounded heart bled and bled
Anger continued to build
Until it spilled
Through my tears
Washing away anger and fears

The author's comments:
This is a poem about a child that was wrongfully abused by his/her parents.

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