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May 28, 2014
By Demoderby PLATINUM, Pontiac, Illinois
Demoderby PLATINUM, Pontiac, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
All that we see or dream is but a dream within a dream
-Edgar Allen Poe

I use to call you my best friend
And even sometimes a sister.
But now all I hear are these sick things
And all I wanna do is shut you out.

I miss the old times
When we were young.
I miss all the good times
When we would have fun!

In high school now you got your guy
I told you he would try n' lie.
You never listened to me
Or took my advice.

Now your broken
And you've fallen
And I can't help you up.

I've tried to do all I could
And I knew I should

You lied to me, my sister dear
You broke me, my best friend here.
Now I see it all
Bright and clear.
OH why did I trust you?

I shut you out,
Lock you out
Keep you away from me.

Never to let anyone else near
Stay clear
No fear... Of being broken again.

I sit here now and hope for the best
I tried to do, and rid of the pests.
I cry myself asleep every night
Hoping you would see the light.

Come my dear,
Make your mind clear.
Rid of evil sins and pure your soul.
I cast away
The night away,
and hope for the best in deed.

Shun my night
flood my clear
Bring evil and dirty thy soul.

Screw it all, I'm done with this.
I don't care any more.
I leave you now and shun you all
for YOU have done ME wrong in MY life!
I tell you off, hoping to rid of you, throwing you out of my life.
Ger out, I scream in my head but I can't get you away. SO I bring the pain onto myself, helping you more and hurting myself more. My soul screams in pain as I try. I TRY!
Get out, get out, get out; all of you.
Get away, get away, get away now.

I'm tired, I can't go on anymore. SO I decided to quit. I'm sorry, but I can't take anymore of your crap. I laugh on the outside, even smile so bright. Its all a beautiful lie you think is real. My reality has taken over but once in awhile I WILL see it all and I DO see it all.

Note this, readers.
Not everyone seems the way they are.
Smiles on the outside but darkness on the inside. All pain is kept, locked away where nobody else can see. But I see it! I can see it all, the lies you tell, the things you hide, the things you think. I can see it and hear it; feeling it deep within you, well I feel it too. Remember it all.

The author's comments:
Sorry, I was just rambling on about nothingness. I was hurt, and I tried to put rhyme into it and have the hurt be heard, but I can't think clearly now.

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