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May 27, 2014
By extracredit1 BRONZE, AUSTIN, Texas
extracredit1 BRONZE, AUSTIN, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Damn the ignorant"

I admire the white doves courting,
as the hummingbirds sing
a sweet chorus of Ave Maria.
Their chirps of joy leap through the air.

[Hush, child. Do not speak.]

The spider and the fly droop below,
where Hunger swallows Fear
into the depths of a bitter, bottomless abyss
The tangling webs, inescapable.

[Cover your ears, child. Do not listen.]

Inching by underneath are the snails
who entwine for a brief moment before departing.
They leave a trail of slime, the only evidence
of the temporary encounter.

[Close your eyes, child. Do not see.]

See, nothing can go wrong for me;
My altruism serves as a shield of ignorance.
I'm a soldier for my queen, no other intent
But it doesn't keep an ant from lifting its head to witness.

[Guard your heart, child. Do not love.]

The author's comments:
It was written as an English assignment and it would help me gain additional extra credit points if attempted to be published.

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Skyset GOLD said...
on May. 29 2014 at 5:38 pm
Skyset GOLD, Goddard, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
"Use what talents you possess. The Woods would be very quiet if no birds sang there except those that sang best."
--Henry Van Dyke

Wow, this is a truly brilliant piece! I love everything about it, an easy five stars.