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Freedom's Cradle Fair, Freedom's Cradle Far

May 24, 2014
By JuniperProductions PLATINUM, Stafford, Virginia
JuniperProductions PLATINUM, Stafford, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
An old man told his grandson, "There is a fight between two wolves inside of us. One is bad-- it is lust, pried, and lies. The other is good-- love, caring and humility." The boy thought for a moment and asked, "Which one wins?" "The one you feed."

The sun doesn't shine
in the pits where I lie,
her fair beams too soft
for the blanketed dark.

These depths are too far
for the fallen to climb
before they sew wings
to their soil-caked spine

These walls are too high
for the prisoners to climb
with their ball and chain bones
and their noose-laden necks

The walls are too high
and the prisoners don't climb
with the wings of a bird
taped to their clothes

The cages bird sinks
in its hollow-rib cage home
and dreams of the sun;
to stretch its wings and leap
into the gentle cradle of her arms.

The author's comments:
Sometimes you can't find freedom in your world, so you must find freedom in your words.

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