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Lion-Hearted Lamb

May 7, 2014
By bintyousuf BRONZE, Fairfax, Virginia
bintyousuf BRONZE, Fairfax, Virginia
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Slams his door won’t let me in
Turns his back the tears begin
He’s a lion-hearted lamb
He sticks to his plan
His world is shadows but the sun rests in his hand
Life’s taught him to run when he’s scared, to put on a brave face
So put on a brave face he does but it shatters him inside and the shadows keep growing ’till they shut out the light

Why you gotta act so strong? Even the moon has a few scars.
But he’s a lion-hearted lamb.

So he tries to fight puts up his best fight but when they knock him down he wishes he would die
But I, I won’t let him go
I’ll smash down the door force him to come back because I know
I know
I know he’s brave and I know he’s strong
I know he’s good and his truth, his beauty shines through it all
That’s all I know on earth, and all I need to know.
But no.
He won’t pay heed to the truth of my words
Shuts them out he’s so. So stubborn.
All he knows is that he’s a lion-hearted lamb
All he needs to know is that God has a plan,
That when they push him around and the blood’s running down his face
God’s ready to catch him just in case.

He’s a lion-hearted lamb

Slams his door won’t let me in
Turns his back the tears begin
I gasp for breath and reach for the sky
Only way I reach you, is when I pray and cry
Tell me your troubles and I’ll help you through
Trust in me; I was made to guide you
To a land where there are no shadows, just stars and the Sun
Your smile is the Moon and when you believe in me, your war’s won.

The author's comments:
This piece goes out to everyone who's going through a rough patch right now. Never give up on yourself; there are always people who care.

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