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May 5, 2014
By kiewanna sajna GOLD, San Diego, California
kiewanna sajna GOLD, San Diego, California
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I always wanted to be that girl
Who everyone knew and loved
Or that girl who was pretty
Who's talent is greater than anyone ever heard of

But I'm not
I'm the girl with bumps on her face
Who has patches of mixed skin
The girl you'll be happy to replace

So why when I say I'm ugly
You change and call me beautiful
Or when I say I'm fat
You say my body's plentiful

Plentiful of what I asked
You said " Plentiful of Perfection"
I was puzzled from this
Because I only see deception

You place me in front of a mirror
And lay your hands on each defect
" Yes these are your flaws...
But that's what makes you Perfect."

The author's comments:
Don't put yourself down because of your looks, as long as you have a kind heart and loving spirit, you're Perfect

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