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His Memory

April 29, 2014
By AshleyWatson PLATINUM, Galloway, New Jersey
AshleyWatson PLATINUM, Galloway, New Jersey
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I've tried my best but I can't forget him. I can't forget the way he would lace his fingers with mine. How he would sing off tune to every song he knew. How he would get lost in thought and start tapping his foot. The way he couldn't get the smell of the pine trees off him, no matter how many times he showered. But most of all I will never forget his eyes. I can still clearly picture his hazel eyes, shinning in the sun, and when the light would hit him just right you could see the little specks of gold dancing across his irises. Maybe one day his memory will fade and I will finally be able to focus on the present. But for now I'm stuck in the past, reliving his memory.

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