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Dear Mom & Dad, MAG

April 24, 2014
By dinks PLATINUM, Hinsdale, Illinois
dinks PLATINUM, Hinsdale, Illinois
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"and kisses are a better faith than freedom"

I sat there, tuning in and
out of your static voices,
my feet lazily propped up
onto the dashboard.
Your lengthy programs came
to an end, and as I looked
out to the blurring landscape
only one thing echoed through
my head:
“Of course we know you.”

then you'd know my favorite
color is purple, but I love
wearing black.
You'd know my bed is my
favorite place to hide when I
feel under attack.

You'd know I love the stars
and moon with my
every last breath,
but the concept of an unknown
outer space scares me
half to death.

You'd know I cannot fall
asleep unless my room is
black as night,
and that skyscrapers
make me dizzy with their
spindling, august height.

You'd know I crave the
summer sun, but my favorite
season's fall,
and that often times I feel alone
in my bustling
high-school hall.

So, please understand that
although I wish to go on –
make a list of all that's wrong –
I'm afraid
that list is much too long.

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on Sep. 18 2014 at 9:41 pm
WendyLovesYou SILVER, Oak Harbor, Washington
8 articles 0 photos 2 comments

Favorite Quote:
Life is very complicated. Don't try to find answers. Because when you find answers life changes the question.

This was beautiful. I loved it!

on Aug. 30 2014 at 2:46 am
SpidersAcrossStars PLATINUM, Hayward, California
36 articles 0 photos 160 comments

Favorite Quote:
For you, a thousand times over.

Very relatable. I really liked this :))