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Inner Demon

April 24, 2014
By Taconut7 GOLD, Cohasset, Minnesota
Taconut7 GOLD, Cohasset, Minnesota
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Why do you stay in my head feeding off my soul
Why do you sink your claws deep into my thoughts
controlling me for your own enjoyment and pleasure
While subjecting me to terror day and night

Why do you treat me as just a player
in a silly little game
Showing no mercy or remorse
While running me over with your rage

Why me, please tell me why you chose me
Why do you have to torment me and not others
Why do you infiltrate my mind to conjure up fake fears
Why do you poison my body with them to no end

I send my biggest armies to fend off your assaults
My soldiers fight as hard as they might
but to no prevail
You sink you lethal fangs into them
While emitting a furious howl
You show them and I no mercy
As you sweep throughout my life

You are wicked and cruel to no end
I try to run, I try to flee
But you always follow me
As a greedy leech that is full
but continues to feed

Some days I feel like setting my hair ablaze
I feel like clawing at my skin trying to reach you
But alas, I cannot
for you hide in the one place I cannot destroy:
my mind

Your saliva is acid that melts away my skin
Your piercing gaze sets my bones on fire for eternity
Your foul breath stabs at my bleeding heart
Your razor teeth tear and shred my soul to pieces

I wish you were dead, sent and cast away to live in Hell
I wish that every time you smile that your body sets ablaze
cooking you alive
I wish that another hideous creature like you controls you
bringing agonizing pain to you just like you do to me
I wish that every tear you shed burns your eyes and melts your bones

When I one day free myself from you
You better crawl back into the pit you came from
Because if you don't I will hunt you down

I will hunt you down
like the merciless creature you are
I will make you pay through suffering
just like you have made me suffer
all these years

The author's comments:
This was inspired from my suffering I had from my Anxiety/Depression. It talks about about how my disease is literally a beast inside my head. This poem also applies to everybody that fights their "Inner Demons" on a daily basis.

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