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April 12, 2014
By Madesol BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Madesol BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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The darkest part from the past that I had imagined was coming true. Push, push it away. I hope it won't resurface, like I had thought from before. I hate the lying, the games that I had received. I am disgusted how,SHE, of all people would think. Before I had chose to be scared of the future, but now it is clear to see, I don't have to be. When I open my eyes, I fear that all the hurt and pain shows, from the moment when I wake. Just to let you know, mom, I will always love you. Please don't leave, don't leave and come back like nothing is wrong. You did this once to me, please, don't do it again. We were supposed to be a pair, but its clear to see that I really was not that important to you.

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My mom

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