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My other half

April 12, 2014
By Madesol BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Madesol BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Without you (my other half), I feel like there are screaming voices in my head. I try to keep myself occupied so I won't feel any pain. But the more and more I fight its a greater time period where I see you. Memories of you and me flash. And every time I'm the slightest bit happy, I just feel lonely, cause without you, the whole world is dead to me. But I don't want you to be away from me any longer. And I can't help wonder were my future goes. Your words, "Don't think I forgot about you", means a lot to me. Its made me feel numb every where. Now that were not near each other, every word that comes for you makes me feel blessed, cause you truly do not understand.

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