Chemical Energy

April 14, 2014
By Music_Is_Life_23 SILVER, Ralston, Nebraska
Music_Is_Life_23 SILVER, Ralston, Nebraska
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What i feel when I see see him
is chemical energy. The boiling
feeling in my stomach

When I see him it’s like
someone set off an
explosion in my gut

The only thing chemical
about your relationship
is the poison of
falling in too deep

The spark between
us has so much energy it
would be able to power
the whole planet

Whenever you come around
it’s like an experiment
You mix two things
together and at the
end you get an explosion

Chemical energy is that
toxic feeling of having
butterflies in your

Sometimes it can be
a good thing but
other times it can make
you look stupid

To sum it up
Chemical energy is
the feeling of being in

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