New Year's

I saw you in a different light tonight
As we ran through darkness in all black
Laughing in whispers of cloud-like breath
But always a breadth apart
Always a breadth apart when I wanted nothing more
Than to feel the sixteen year old stubble
On your smiling and proud face,
Draw close enough to make you uncomfortably aware
Of the nonexistent space between us
And lose myself in the boundless depth of your eyes

I saw you in a different way tonight
As the seeker illuminated our hiding forms
With his shiny red flashlight
But he turned the other way and ran
And we the hidden sprinted to base on pure adrenaline,
Collapsing side by side in relieved laughter
I realized in that moment that I wanted nothing more
Than to turn and warm your lips with my own,
And close my eyes in the bliss of six years' aching
And take your hand and never let it go

I saw you for who you are tonight
As you fell into a different light
Running through the darkness of the night.
You are no longer the boy of my childhood.
You are now the man of my adulthood
A man of morals and wit and respect
A man with stubble and voice and depth.
Wholesome and true as the love in my heart,
The year begins with the promise of a new start
And hope of the love that I can finally impart.

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Skyset This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 21, 2014 at 7:39 pm
This is so lyrical! Your descriptions flow like a dream. Lovely piece.
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