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Proud prisons

April 10, 2014
By bloodwraith1 GOLD, Cape Town, Other
bloodwraith1 GOLD, Cape Town, Other
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time is what keeps things from happening at once.
i will show you fear in a hand full of dust.

how can you be proud of a prison?
even though the cage is guilded
with illusions of freedom
and there are bars on the windows
and in every corridor and hall

how can you have light where there is none?
pride is pointless where pontification occurs
the mirage can no longer continue
without the aid of their mirrors

how do we fly with clipped wings?
we dream and sigh on our perches
every day saps our spirit and we throw our lives away
like they throw away our cage's keys

The author's comments:
A statement on the corruption and lies in politics and society. Society bars us from truly expressing individuality without being judged and their lies attempt to keep us happy even though some of us realize there is no way out of society. The government attempts to control us and our actions, and we have to accept that there is little we can do if others do not realize it too

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