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April 2, 2014
By AlexH. GOLD, Ledyard, Connecticut
AlexH. GOLD, Ledyard, Connecticut
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Under my bed a monster lives,
He hides there in the day.
But he comes out when night falls
And till morning he will stay.

The monster is a great big beast
With fur and fangs and claws.
I shudder slightly in my bed
When he opens up his jaws.

But I know he’d never hurt me,
Because he is my friend.
When it is dark and I am scared
Upon him I depend.

The monster tells me stories,
To help me fall asleep.
He comforts me when I am sad,
Dries my tears when I weep

My mother’s never seen him,
For which I'm very glad.
If she knew that he was there,
I fear that she’d get mad.

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