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Like Father Like Son

March 30, 2014
By Emotsye PLATINUM, Syracuse, New York
Emotsye PLATINUM, Syracuse, New York
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Father was a police officer and Son’s first toy was a plastic gun
Father didn't care but mother wasn't thrilled
Father hated New York City and Son's first fistfight was with a Yankees fan
Father didn't care but Mother wasn't thrilled
Father began to drink more and Son's second fistfight was with Father
Father didn't remember in the morning but Mother wasn't thrilled
Father was beginning to hate his life and Son's second toy was a real gun
Father was intrigued but Mother wasn't thrilled
Father had lost all hope and Son's first lost item was his second toy
Father stole it but Mother did not know
Father played with Son's second toy and Son's first funeral was Father's
Mother was not thrilled
Son's second toy got returned to him and Son's second funeral was his own
Mother was not thrilled

The author's comments:
It's incredibly dark (and depressing), I really have no idea where it came from. I originally wanted to write something along the lines of this but it came out much more messed up then I was expecting. I'll be surprised if teenink posts it. Once again, feedback is always encouraged!!

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