When you are vulnerable,
You are subject to change.
You are subject to pain;
You are subject to breakage.
You are subject to tears.
Because you've opened your heart up.
To someone or something.
You have laid everything out.
All your innermost parts, neatly displayed in organized rows on top of soft, white linen
Draped in feelings
And drenched in uncertainty.
You've stretched out your insides,
Expanding them to their full capacity.
You've wrung them out and laid them out to dry.
Hanging there, for someone else to pick up and try to make sense of.
And someone will.
They will catch a glimpse of all you've put out there and pick them up, intrigued.
They will pick them up and hold them in their hands.
In their broad hands, they are now holding the tiniest sections of your heart.
They are cradling the crevices you weren't even aware existed.
They have a part of you now.
You gave it to them.
And they'll do their best,
But sometimes people don't know how to hold our hearts right.

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