Apple Tree

Once there was a tree
That was me
I was as lush as a tree can be
Dancing In the wind day in and day out
There was no care or pouts
One day I noticed a flower
Black and withering away on my branch
I wiggled and squirmed until the wind had stopped
But there the flower stuck on me

Days went by and still the flower stood
But now instead of one there were twos and threes
Another week had past and still the black flowers were there
I began to worry, “What if there is nothing of care”
Until one night, I noticed something funny
The flowers had lost all their leaves
I felt pleased but then noticed the little bulbs of seed

I was in horror,
The wind screeching in its ears
“Beware the black seed, for there is no turning back to your needs”

Of course I did not understand until the next day
When it was time for me to watch the kids play
The seeds were growing at a different rate
They seemed to grow like hands around my branches
Caressing every bump and imperfection

Weeks after the seeds became fruit
The tree was please from leave to root
But as the weather got colder
Something was wrong
The fruit was not as happy as before
The smooth round edges
Turned to blackened mushy mush
The beautiful lush leaves crumpled and fell
Then all that happened next was the worst
The fruit fells with a crash and a thump

As the wind blew harder,
Pushing the cold air further
I had wept for days on end
The precious fruit I had created had gone in a splat
Now that summer has gone
The deathly winter is bound to do all wrong.

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