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what the moon never told you

March 24, 2014
By madlinejoy SILVER, Deale, Maryland
madlinejoy SILVER, Deale, Maryland
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Everyone knows the moon glistens with silver light

They all know that she is dusty and old

They know her smile well for it is warm and distant

But they don’t know that she used to laugh

No one is old enough to remember her name

But they have some small suspicion

That it once was something sweet

Gently rolling off the tongue and leaving the lips with a smile

They don’t know the moons favorite music was jazz…

Jazz as smooth as glassy water on an autumn afternoon

That on lonely august nights she’d take her radio and dance alone

Alone and bare foot on the silver shores

Everyone knows the howling wolves sing to her songs of longing

They don’t know that she sits to hear their calling voices

As she whispers back I love you to the ceasing of every wordless ballad

Ballads of true devotion for the moon has many lovers

Everyone knows the moon controls the tied

But no one knows she is afraid of the power

So she lets the water go to flow out

Only to miss it enough to pull it back in again

Some people whisper the full moon causes madness

The beams infected with some deeper meaning

Driving in hysteria to the brain of our drunken brothers

Who claim they’ve drunk not but the light of the moon

They don’t know it’s the light of her tears that is the cause of madness

As she stands open to the viewing of them

Who gaze upward at her silver gleaming scars

The scares of past weakness for which she is ashamed

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