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What if I...?

March 20, 2014
By Enderman GOLD, No, Texas
Enderman GOLD, No, Texas
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"There is no monster greater than a lack of compassion."

-Master Splinter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Why do I feel like I should be somewhere else right now? Why do I miss them so badly? Do I talk too much? Do I need to clam up like I used to, 6 years ago, when people try to talk to me? Am I too annoying when I talk? Is this why no one wants to be near me except my very closest friends? Am I trying too hard to fit in? Should I just go for it and tell them how I feel? Is it better to remain hidden from everyone? Should I cut off all of my emotional ties and save everyone the pain? Why do I hate living? Should I go through with my plan? Should I get help? Should I explain my reasons to someone else? Should I leave a note? What should it say? Am I really going to do this? Will they miss me when I’m gone? Do I really matter? Do they remember me now?

The author's comments:
Part of the first half of this story is nonfiction. The rest is my perspective of what would happen if someone was contemplating suicide. I'm not actually suicidal.

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on Mar. 24 2014 at 4:33 pm
Horror-Mistress DIAMOND, Waco, Texas
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There is always someone that has it worse than you

I like how you put everything in question form and slowly transition it from present tense to past tense, to where as he is writing this he is also dying.