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You Decide, I guess

March 18, 2014
By Maddyw5 GOLD, South St. Paul, Minnesota
Maddyw5 GOLD, South St. Paul, Minnesota
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"With brave wings, she flies"

rage fills my soul
pain wrenches my heart
where did this come from?

anger blinds my thoughts
sadness deafens my ears
where did you go?

an unsurpassable barrier now lies between us
formed by the unjust remarks tossed carelessly about
I warned you to watch what you say

it is not us against you
it is not choose us or them
open your ears and hear our pleas

our friendship is precious and sacred
an extraordinary gift I have never been fortunate enough to hold
easily replaceable to you, I see

so many thoughts left to be said
so many words refusing to be spoken
where does this leave us?

our friendship is hanging on by few fragile threads
it is you that holds the deciding scissors.

The author's comments:
I hate it when friends fight.

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