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An Abyss of Thought

March 10, 2014
By moon8 BRONZE, Peaks Island, Maine
moon8 BRONZE, Peaks Island, Maine
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I perch precariously
on the brink of it
I’m slipping
my fingers grasping in desperation
for tangibility
as I question all
I have ever known

this ground I stand on
this world I inhabit
do either really exist?

my body
clings to the final traces
of solidity
until they too vanish
my physicality
until I am nothing
only thoughts

do I exist?

and I fall
or do I leap?

if I was not thought of
by any mind
by any eye
would I still be here?
or was I already alone?

I now know
what the blind see
I can hear the silence
smell the absence of scent
hold the flavor of tastelessness
on my tongue
I reach out
touch the palpable nothingness
and I can feel it

is my uniqueness based only
on another’s normalcy?
what is normal?
from where was our paragon born?
without others
objects of comparison
I would be everything
and therefore nothing

an abyss of thought
i’m getting lost in it
it’s swallowing me up
a cavernous maw with no lips
no borders
no edges
no end

who am I really?
and who are you?
do you think these things I do?

and the only one who can pull me out
is me

if I were nothing
would I still be something?

do I want to escape?

in this moment
just a crystalline drop
in the bottomless sea of time
a pebble
dropped into the void
of endless space
I am something

I don’t think I do

I am something

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