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Make A Change

February 26, 2014
By EddyE SILVER, Eightmile, Alabama
EddyE SILVER, Eightmile, Alabama
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What is that in life
That signifies the moments of wrong and right
As the hardships are revealed at night
And most people blinded by the light
Yet I set my sight
On the highest degree
Of trying to retrieve and succeed
Help those in poverty
In this world that has come to be
A place of detestation and monstrosity
Where the people bleed cause no matter where you are you never found that real peace
And place where you can kick it
Only thing you can do is sit around and be tripping
Poke your lip out cause of what you’re missing
Not realizing all that you got
This world is consumed with people whose life is on rocks
That doesn’t mean that the dreams should stop
Death tries to put you down when the door receives a knock
But not if you keep your head up and believe
That God the almighty controls your destiny
It’s time we stand up together
Instead of gang banging trying to kill one another
Look at each other as sisters and brothers
No matter of the race, sex, or gender
And world peace is all I seek and dream
For that one day when all this hatred and misery will be a distant memory
All we got to do is stand up and believe.

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