I'm Thinking About You.

Yesterday you asked me if I think about you during the day

In class or on the bus

Do I ever wonder who you’re with or what you're doing or what you’re thinking about

Well…. I’m in math class right now…

And I’m thinking about you like crazy, like…Hands think about holding

And arms think about folding

And minds think about not thinking, but knowing

I’m thinking about you like…Feet think about socks and socks think about shoes

I’m thinking about you like…Rock and metal think about screaming

Like blues thinks about rhythmLike hip-hop thinks about…. hoes?

Like gardeners think about hoes

I’m thinking about you like…Tops think about spinning

And rocks think about sitting

And cops think about…. arresting people

I’m thinking about you like people think about a clock five minutes before a shift ends

I’m thinking about you like…A thinks about being with C

And B thinks about seeing D

And E effing G

And H eyeing J

I’m thinking about you like…White and black think about making grey on a paint pallet

Like night thinks about making day in the morning

Like rain clouds think about pouring

I’m thinking about you like…Math analysis thinks about being boring…(Because, seriously, any class this boring has had to take some serious thought so…)

I’m thinking about you like the last problem on this math quiz!

I’m thinking about you like…Bugs think about grass

Like thugs think about….grass

Like students think about class

Like ladies think about class!

Like lower middle class people think about flying first class to places they only dream about like New Zealand or France

I’m thinking about you like….Pilots think about the horizon

Like the clouds think about the wind

And the wind thinks about the trees

And teenage boys think about the birds and the bees

And the bees think about serving the queen and making honey

And honey I’m thinking about you like…. crazy….

Like mattresses think about springs

And winter thinks about spring

Who thinks about summer and it doesn’t matter

What season it is when I’m thinking about youIt’s always sunny

Like rainbows and bunnies

And I’m thinking about you like…Rich people think about making money

And broke people think about making money

And when I think about youThe world makes…cents…

Let me go change

I’m thinking about you when I’m getting dressed

Because before I step up on stage

When I look at myself in the mirror

You’re the only one I’m trying to impress

I’m thinking about you like…Boats think about floating

And paddles think about rowing

And poets think about flowing

I’m thinking about you like…Bankers think about loaning

And renters think about owning

And stoners think about… throwing rocks

I’m thinking about you

Like keyboards think about keys

And keys think about unlocking locks

Like Goldilocks still thinks about bears

Like bears think about being cool

I’m thinking about you like…Refrigerators think about being cool

And microwaves think about being hot

Like kids think about breaking rules

Like targets think about getting shot

I’m in math class right now, not trying to get you off my mind

Just simply off the sign and cosign and tangent lines I’m graphing

I’m thinking about you like…Numbers think about adding

Like cripples think about standing

I’m thinking about standing up

And walking out

I’ll say I have to go to the bathroom

Or somethingAnd I can find out who you’re with

And what you’re doing

And what you’re thinking about

But… I think you’re in class right now too

So I’ll text you

I’m thinking about you


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