The Paint Inside

The shade of color I perceive myself to be
is a pale and powdery lavender
I am just as happy about this
as I am about my name;
I have no control,
and yet I cannot imagine myself differently

The color is not the most eye-catching
and lacks the ability to hypnotize
It is soft,
promising comfort to those who do stare
Lavender is familiar
because it has been there all along

You will usually see Lavender paired with another color,
one that is bright and sharply contrasts
It is designed to assist other pigments
in relaxing their tone,
bringing them forth by comparison
to be praised

Lavender can be found alone,
a happening that occurs often
if one looks in the right places
More surprising is how by itself,
the color is bolder,
and does not crumble upon being seen

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