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Hide and Seek

February 27, 2014
By Gabyhayes PLATINUM, Marysville, California
Gabyhayes PLATINUM, Marysville, California
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Her young heart aches, hammering her chest
With the linen sheets draped around her
Frozen there in her wrinkled nest
Terrified of the Mad Maroon Monster

He disappears in the corners and in the shadows
His intense crooked teeth are spotted through the night
With his pointed nails, he taps on windows
Yet still manages to escape her sight

She’s only seen glimpses of him, and his maroon ensemble
And knows he’s at least eight feet tall
But suddenly she heeds a light rumble
And sees him treading on the wall

He still is not clearly visible, the darkness surrounds him
So she sits with blankets covering all but her eyes
Swiftly he jumps down, with his face ever so grim
And leisurely reaches out to her, but he picks up her cries

The monster hurriedly hid away
But she raised her voice so all could hear
Her parents checked, saw nothing, and didn't stay
The girl then slept, not knowing he was still near

He grinned shrewdly because he knew he could reclaim
For the Mad Maroon Monster had won the game

The author's comments:
I am embarrassed to say that i am still afraid of the dark, even though I am 16 years old! So this poem was inspired by that same fear I posses, from when i was little up till now.

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