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Ode To Zombies

February 26, 2014
By FranciscoARivera BRONZE, Sacramento, California
FranciscoARivera BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Ugly Infected creatures
Chasing after you, to eat
Your flesh. After they eat
You alive, you became
One of them. Your hungry
Like a new born baby.
You go on the search for food.
Going after your flesh you get shot.
You survived because you didn’t
Get shot in the head. You get them
And eat their brains. You finish
, and your satisfied. You walk and
Creep, you see and you chase
Your flesh. Running them after them
Faster than a dog. Your blood is pumping,
Like a pumping heart.
Smelling the flesh, smelling so fresh like
A fresh baked cake. Your able to get
One but that’s the end for you zombie.
‘”bang bang” you die zombie.

The author's comments:
i decided ti write this because i enjoyed reading and learning about odes.

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