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You're Gone and I'm Still Here

February 22, 2014
By hayhaywhaley GOLD, Houston, Texas
hayhaywhaley GOLD, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"How could any step away from you ever be in the right direction?"

Remember the times when you used to think I was the world,
That life would be meaningless without me...
What's it like now?
Do you still think of me?
The first night we met, tangled in confusion and teenage lust,
Those nights you got drunk and I was there by your side, smiling because you were full of child like bliss,
Do those late morning still cross your mind, the days we layed in bed rebelling against normality,
Saying "f*** it" with big grins on our faces,
Trying to avoid the inevitable,
The inevitable fate of us going our separate ways,
And baby, you're the only who's got it all figured out... So you thought.
I'm the one laying in bed still wishing you were the only plan I had,
Are those dreams treating you well?
Will you still come back for me, you have to know you're the only true partner for me,
Please don't view me as pathetic,
Just understand... You're what I wanted all my life,
Someone to love more than my wretched self,
To replace the sad upbringing of a lonely girl,
The girl who would lived so loudly and quietly at the same pace,
All I can say is, listen to the sound of my honest and off tune voice lull you to sleep with the corny love songs I used to sing as you gently slept,
Can you hear it now? Do you sense my eyes watching you breathe so beautifully?
How about my small finger tracing your skin as if trying to memorize every single curve?
If you're done with that part of your life, stick this into a bottle and let it float away...
I'll gently ride the waves of life, becoming part of a body of empty souls,
Without you, that's the life I have...
I can no longer deny
I need you
I want you
and I can't stand to not have you

The author's comments:
Well my ex boyfriend went to Jersey to chase his dreams, and I am stuck with the promises he'll come back for me.

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