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Stay with Me

February 21, 2014
By mepayne97 BRONZE, Jefferson, South Dakota
mepayne97 BRONZE, Jefferson, South Dakota
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"Stop trying to be what society is shoving down your throat."- Kendall Schmidt

My muscles go tense
My sight goes blurry
I begin to panic and worry
My head pounds and my heart races

Something is dripping and streaming down my skin
On my face, my arms, my shirt
They’re all wet with this sticky, red liquid
The last words are close to my ear
“Stay with me; they’re almost here”

Everything goes black
There’s no sight, no sound, no feeling
Just me in this empty, black space
Then, something hits me
I’m wide awake

Bright lights behind unknown faces
A soft object beneath my head
A quiet beep by the side of the bed
A sweet, calming aroma
Someone tenderly holding my hand

My entire body hurts
I don’t move; just watch and listen
A man’s familiar face comes to view
I see his eyes glisten
He smiles and kisses my head
“I knew you’d stay with me,” he said

The author's comments:
I wrote this shortly after I had actually hit a car in my school parking lot. It was extremely minor; hardly even a scratch on the other car, but I was freaking out! It was easy for me to write, and I just wrote and wrote. I didn't really think it would turn into a "love" poem.

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