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We Are Not Equal

January 26, 2014
By Bunnylover BRONZE, Pelham, New Hampshire
Bunnylover BRONZE, Pelham, New Hampshire
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When people say
“Oh, women and men are already equal!”
It makes me want to rip their heads off
No, we are not equal and if you honestly think we are
You are still trapped inside your little bubble of male supremacy
It grows bigger and bigger crushing everything in its path
Until all are subject to its power
But I can pop it
I am the needle that bursts the bubble
I will make sure you understand what you put us through
Because on your own
You’ll never realize how fruitless it is to be female
How galling it is to be a girl
How wearisome to be a woman
You will never realize
That young girls are growing up
Thinking their only purpose is to please a man
That women are underpaid 77 cents to every man’s dollar
And that doesn’t even speak for trans women
Who make even less than that
And are told that they are not real women
Every day
Women are terrified just walking home at night
There aren’t nearly as many movies about women
As there are about men
Because we are told that women’s stories aren’t important
Women are being raped and abused
On a day to day basis
Don’t try and say we are equal
Don’t try and say we are equal
Don’t try and say we are equal
I will be an astronaut
Boldly going where no woman has gone before
I will be the president
So I can make laws preventing you from telling me I can’t
I will be a police officer
And arrest you for the crimes you’ve committed
I will be a saleswoman
And sell you the idea that women are people
We want a voice in society
And we want it now
We are tired of being told we are worth less
Just because of our gender
We are tired of feeling humiliated
Because of something we cannot help
We are bored of being Barbies
Dress up dolls for you to play with
We are sick of being oppressed
Because of people who still think we are equal

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