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Untitled Film: Cindy Sherman

January 27, 2014
By CarolynRose GOLD, Ringoes, New Jersey
CarolynRose GOLD, Ringoes, New Jersey
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black dress with delicate lace
knee length through a synched waist
pearls draped upon her chest
dark lipstick on a pale complexion
how could a women with such beauty contain such a secret?
lips split in two
covering the fear on her neck
her dirty little secret would soon catch up with her
with a knock at the door
suddenly the black dress matches the vibe
caught in the wrong place at the wrong time
black and white color
white noise
being a classy lady comes with baggage
along with her delicate lace
black dress
dark lipstick
she holds a secret
the betrayal and lies saturate her tongue
and now she is forced to explain

The author's comments:
Cindy Sherman is a famous photographer. Her work is what inspired me to start taking photos. I wrote this poem describing one of her famous photographs.

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